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LED Lighting: Benefits Beyond the Bulbs

LED lighting has quickly become the most popular type of light bulb – for good reason, too. LED lighting boasts a long lifespan, energy efficiency, and the convenience of interfacing with the majority of dimmer switches.

Best of all though, LED lighting is more affordable than ever — while still providing maximum benefits.

While LEDs dominate the light bulb market, some homeowners don’t know ALL home lighting fixtures can benefit from total LED conversion.

Read on to delve into the awesomeness of LED lighting for your home.

LED Bulb Benefits Recap

The only real knock against LED bulbs is the slightly higher price, but LEDs are getting cheaper all the time. Feast your eyes on the LED benefits:

  • LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulb — bar none.
  • LEDs feature a practically immortal lifespan.
  • LEDs are known for a pleasant quality of light.
  • Unlike some other bulbs, LEDs contain no toxic Mercury.
  • Unlike some other bulb types, LEDs are compatible with dimmers.

Wi-Fi Controlled LED Lighting

We already know that Wi-Fi controlled thermostats are bringing how people control their heating and cooling into the 21st century. Now, Wi-Fi controlled LED bulbs are doing the same thing for lighting.

While not all LED bulbs are Wi-Fi enabled, these deluxe LEDs are steadily gaining popularity.

When you convert to Wi-Fi controlled lightbulbs, you can use your phone or tablet to control every lightbulb in your home — separately or together.

Picture this: you’ll never have to get out of bed to hit the lights.

LED Lighting Fixtures

So, you love LED bulbs.  We’re glad to hear it — now you can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting everywhere in your home.

Accent Lighting

Inside or outside, the accent lighting you use to decorate your home can be upgraded to LEDs. LED spotlights are a great-looking, energy-saving option to illuminate your landscaping throughout the night. Since outdoor accent lighting stays on for 8 to 12 hours at a time, maximizing energy efficiency is crucial.

Indoor accent lighting is often left on for the majority of day — however it uses less energy than a powerful outdoor spotlight. In addition, since accent lighting is focused on style, the pleasant quality of LED lighting proves a boon.

Undercabinet Lighting

When we say that any light fixture can be upgraded, we mean it. Upgrade your stylish undercabinet lighting to LEDs and reap the same rewards from your undercabinet lighting as you do from your bulbs.

While most homeowners perform their own LED bulb conversion, generally people prefer to leave swapping out the undercabinet lighting up to a professional.

LED Lighting Fixtures Installed with Subtle Style

When a Mister Sparky electrician upgrades your lighting, we work to hide any unsightly wiring and hardware from view. Typically, this is an interest homeowners express when it comes to accent lighting.  That way your accent lighting shows exactly what you want — and nothing you don’t.

LED Lighting with Mister Sparky

When you’re planning to upgrade your lighting, LED is strong a choice. When you’re looking to do anything more than change the lightbulbs, Mister Sparky Electric is the only choice.

We ensure the complicated lighting work is done correctly the first time. We also have the ability to make sure the work is done subtly, ensuring you enjoy the style of your new lights along with the other benefits.

Contact us to discuss your lighting upgrade and all of your electrical needs.

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