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How to Choose the Right Power Outage Flashlight

When a power outage strikes, you’ll be left fumbling around in the dark. Unless you are a serious candle aficionado, you’ll use a flashlight to make it through the next power outage you experience.

Since a flashlight is such a crucial tool, we think it deserves a little more attention than an impulse buy or a leftover.

Since summer thunderstorms — and possible power outages — are a very real possibility, you need to be prepared right now.

Picking the right flashlight for power outages is the second most important thing you can do to stay prepared for power outages. Want to know the most important thing you can do? Keep reading.

The Right Flashlight

A vast variety of flashlights are on the market. Some are made of plastic and have superheroes on the sides while others are marketed as possessing enough light power for hikers to defend themselves from a bear attack.

The right flashlight for you is likely somewhere in between those two extremes. Here are the criteria to consider when selecting your flashlight:

Type of Light

Just like for the lighting in your home, LED is the way to go. LED flashlights are bright, long-lasting, and have a pleasant color quality.

The main alternative, an incandescent flashlight, simply doesn’t produce as much light and drains your batteries faster—a bad trait to have during a lengthy outage.

Type of Battery

Choosing a rechargeable flashlight is a no-brainer, but you still need to choose the right type of battery.

Alkaline and lithium batteries are the two most common types of flashlight batteries. Really either one will work during a power outage, however, we give the nod to lithium batteries. Even though lithium battery flashlights tend to be more expensive, they are longer-lasting than flashlights with alkaline batteries, which is exactly what you need when the lights go out.


As long as your flashlight isn’t flimsy, either metal or plastic will do the job. Increasingly, hard plastic flashlights are becoming the norm, but there are still viable metal options.

As long as you trust your flashlight to not break before you need it, either option is good in our book.

Brightness Rating

This is the most crucial part of choosing your power outage flashlight. If your flashlight is too bright, you’ll prefer the darkness. Too weak and you won’t be able to see in front of you, much less provide emergency light for a room.

As far as the numbers are concerned, you want your power outage flashlight to be between 20 lumens and 200 lumens. Although you can buy your flashlight online, you might want to see it in person first—to ensure you’re satisfied with the brightness rating.

Standby Generator: The Best Preparation for a Power Outage

The very best thing you can do to protect against the uncertainty of a power outage? Install a standby generator. These heavy duty generators connect to your home’s fuel, and they power your home if the main power is ever cut off.

These systems are so elite because they have an unlimited lifespan and turn on automatically. If a power outage hits and you have a standby generator, everyone else will be left in the dark, but your house can resume normal functionality.

While knowing you have the right flashlight to get you though a power outage is an empowering feeling, never having to worry about a power outage is even better.

Installing a standby generator is a huge decision. We always recommend that if someone is interested, they should contact the experts of Mister Sparky for a free and in-depth conversation.

Contact us to discuss standby generators and all of your electrical needs.

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