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Upgrade Your Home’s Appearance With Outdoor Lighting

With summer months upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about upgrading outdoor lighting! Take a look at the options available to you, from solar to hardwired.

Home security lighting

  • Solar Powered: This type of outdoor lighting draws the energy it needs to make the lights operate from sunlight. Though this option can cost more for the initial purchase and setup, you can ultimately save on your energy bill. Be sure install the solar panels in areas that receive sufficient sunlight and avoid dark and shadowy areas of your home.
  • Plug-In: These lights will need to be positioned in an area where they can be connected to a power source outlet or extension cord. With this option, you will have an exposed cord that my need to be secured or concealed.
  • Hardwire: Wired lights directly connects directly to the electrical wiring of your home. This installation requires additional safety measures, but can be an easy DIY project.


For peace of mind, many homeowners also opt for security lighting. Security and flood lights are broad-beamed, high-intensity lights designed to flood large areas with light.


  • Dusk-To-Dawn: These timed lights are a good option for home security, as they turn on and off with the setting and rising of the sun, keeping your home exterior illuminate throughout the night.
  • Motion Sensor: This sensor light is activated when the sensors detect movement and can provide a large range of illumination. The lights deactivate if no additional movement triggers the sensor, making a motion sensor light a good energy-saving option.
  • Switch Control: These manual security lights are operated with the flip of a switch. You can turn them on at dusk or use as needed.

Outdoor security lighting

While candles, tiki torches, and other flammable lights may look decorative, they do come with an added fire hazard. That’s why electric lighting options are the safest option for outdoor ambience. Is it time for an upgrade at your house? Contact Mister Sparky to chat with a qualified electrician.

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